Peter Family Review | MMA Liverpool | Next Generation MMA

Peter McCaldon-Gower

This is a great gym to train at. The staff are very knowledgeable and most importantly, they’re friendly and approachable. There’s plenty on offer here and the lessons suitable for all levels. This gym has been around for a long time which is a testament its quality and its owner.

Nick Review | MMA Liverpool | Next Generation MMA

Nick Durbin

Amazing gym!!! The friendly inviting attitude is great for everyone involved from beginners to the Pro Fighters. Everyone respects each other a lot no matter what level or experience. The coaching staff is possibly the best in the Country in my opinion!! 100% recommend to anyone wanting to get involved in MMA, just keep fit or simply continue or change their training.

Axi Review | MMA Liverpool | Next Generation MMA

Axl Raven

Best place by far!! My cousin Tom trains here every Monday and Wednesday. What I like personally is that the tutors have never asked the students to do anything they themselves wouldn’t do. The tutors (Ste Walls, Jordan Thomas and Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett) are very accommodating to the individual needs of every young student as well as being welcoming to all the relatives who accompany the younger ones (though it took me a while to figure out why Paddy was calling me Stefan Struve owing to me having to duck to get through the door). I can’t say enough nice things about this place or the tutors who teach here. Highly recommended!!